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Ehri Mathurin (Mr. Ehri) as he is commonly known to his students, parents, and colleagues, but now E, is setting the stage for everyone to share their HIP HOP POINT OF VIEW on a global scale – through many different platforms – Fashion, Concerts, Symposiums, Charities, to name a few.

After past endeavors of helping pioneer the edutainment brand Hey Young World Kidz, and articulating Art of Song program (AoS), the mission now is for all Heroes and Sheroes to join the toil and present the public’s Hip Hop Point of View on, “Your Show”, HEROES HEADQUARTERS.

Ehri Mathurin is a Bronxite that understands how the Hip Hop Culture saved his life and gave him a sense of community. Albeit he had the opportunity to realize his calling once he ventured into the field of education about 20 yrs ago, his mission to be an evangelist for Hip Hop has bought him to the divine task of helping start up the Radio Show: Heroes Headquarters.

As a product of the public school system; receiving a BA from SUNY Old Westbury in American Studies with a Minor in Media & Communications, he never imagined himself as a consistent force in the life of public school children. Now as a Dean of Students, and in the last 4 years, has been honored enough to help govern an upstart charter school as a Chairman of the Board and a Trustee, it is now his charge to engage the public about Hip Hop’s heroic qualities.

Clifford (Bravo Captain) Stephens born in Harlem NY raised in Harlem and The Bronx. Growing up in the 80s during the baby stages of HipHop,was all we wanted to learn & live. This was the beginning of something new and would forever change the sound and face of civilization.We didn’t know this at the moment but it was fun,exciting dangerous and inspirational.The Bronx aka The Boogie Down would be setting the stage for this event we would all fall in love with.I wouldn’t really start to understand this new culture into high school,by that time this was life.

We dressed,talked,walked,partied and incorporated HipHop into everything. As time moved on so did my envolvement partnering up working with childhood friends.It all began with Del Excel who with DJ Mel befriended Ski Beatz of Jay Z (Reasonable Doubt) album.This would help begin the start of childhood friend Geechi Suede of (Camp Lo). as time moved all this connecting would help another friend Tribeca, & Portiay (Legendary Mix.com) careers.My association would help carve a path for myself starting the rap Group ToppGun with high school friend Joe Shine.

Short but very informative rap career would help give a direction and a work ethic of what you need to succeed.Years later I would begin to manage (AFONE.IN) and start on the business side of this life.No need for fame but just the excitement of the music industry and help this who needed some. After working with a artist named Dolo The Bandit and building some really great working relationships. I would really fin my way and passion this would be the creation of Heroes Headquarters radio.With this idea I could speak what I truly believe and love HipHop and its importance for our community and culture.

HeroesHeadquarters is for us all who love HipHop and what it has done for our lives.This show is to show appreciation for all of those legends,pioneers & icons we grew up wanted to be like.This show is to help bring a little information for those who becoming successful from an idea that was built off of passion and love. This show is my way of showing appreciation for something I witnessed and lived to become a part of American life. I love this show and what it has enabled me to do and become. Now my love for this show and culture has given me a driving force to spread the HHPOV(Hip Hop Point Of View) on a non stop tour worldwide.

SaL GuoD, was born in the essence of Hip Hop, The Bronx. Musically started out in elementary school playing the Alto Saxophone. Throughout his youth, SaL GuoD played the saxophone with passion that led him to make it into the All-Boro Bronx Band in the 6th grade. This band consisted of the best instrument players in the Bronx. After, the 11th grade, SaL GuoD left his musical attachment for other interests.

As of 2006, SaL GuoD returned to his melodic roots and began learning how to produce music with his teacher DJ ReXxX. DJ ReXxX taught SaL GuoD the ropes and the basics in the business and the physical work of music production. SaL GuoD has now been in production sessions with iconic producers such as Pete Rock, Ski Beatz, BeatButcha, and BudaTheFuture/GrandzMuzik to expand his craft. With his unique style, SaL GuoD states, ‘I am putting my feelings and my thoughts into creating everlasting music.’

Today, SaL GuoD is an In-House Producer for B.E.T and M.T.V. His productions has been placed internationally on M.T.V. Canada’s Reality show MTV Creeps and has production placed on M.T.V. Canada’s show Sex, News, and Rock’n’Roll as well. With continued success and hard work, his production was also chosen on Kevin Hart’s B.E.T. Real Husbands Of Hollywood. SaL GuoD is a member of the iStandard Producers. Music Director for the internet-radio show Heroes Headquarters which focuses on the HHPOV (Hip Hop Point Of View) on all types of topics ranging from Art-Zoology. The show brings out the Hip Hop in everything. Also, he has a couple of publications with Roy Ayers Project which is a project dedicated to the works of the talented Roy Ayers.

Brooklyn born and raised with Caribbean Island spice running through her vines, Jazairi fell In love with radio while attending Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta,Ga. as a mass communication major. Her passion for music and culture has driven her to use radio as a platform to address the issues that impact her community. She immaculately represents the females point of view in the radio industry!

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